Rebus Media - eLearning technology specialists

What we do

We specialise in the development of eLearning products, content and technologies.

We do everything from hand coding responsive courses to developing eLearning experiences in WordPress.

Working with businesses we provide the expertise needed to develop high-end eLearning solutions for any platform.

We work with JavaScript, CSS, HTML, PHP and .NET to produce quality eLearning projects.

Where we add the most value, is in providing certainty and security for our clients, allowing them to truly outsource what can sometimes be a high risk step of an eLearning project.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, we service clients from all around Australia.

Who we are

Originally founded in 2003 as a web development business, Rebus Media was re-born in 2012 as an eLearning provider after founder, Sam Hill, spent 7 years working in the eLearning industry, in leadership roles including Lead eLearning Developer for an eLearning courseware provider and Lead Front-end Developer for a Learning Management System provider.

Since 2012 Rebus Media has positioned itself as the go to company for many Australian businesses who enjoy the expertise and experience that Rebus Media bring to projects.

Sam Hill
(Founder, Manager)

With over 12 years in eLearning and over 15 years in web development, Sam has broad range of experience in eLearning courseware development and a very solid understanding of the technology that eLearning is built on, specialising in SCORM, AICC, Experience API, PHP, JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

Contact: 0414 678 224

Julian Hill
(Lead Developer/Client Manager)

Joining Rebus Media in January 2016 Julian has become a key member of the team.

Julian has been programming computer systems for over 20 years.

His programming strengths are .NET, JavaScript, CSS and HTML, but his greatest strengths are his ability to quickly understand complex project requirements and draw on his experience to provide great solutions.

Julian brings a solid foundation to the development team.

Karina Makse-Hill

Karina has several years’ experience in secretarial and administration roles working for large commercial property firms.

eLearning Content Specialists

We are first and foremost eLearning content developers with over 35 years of combined experience in developing digital content using front-end technologies including JavaScript, HTML and CSS. But, we’re not just content developers.

We understand eLearning technology. SCORM, Experience API and AICC are technologies we’ve been working with for years.

Our clients tell us we are able communicate technical requirements and solutions in language that is easily understood.

We understand the relationship between your LMS and content and we can help you understand the possibilities.

eLearning Authoring Tools

We have several years of experience developing eLearning using industry standard authoring tools such as Storyline, Lectora and Captivate.

We know each tools strengths and weaknesses, and this is important to the selection process.

After years of experience in developing eLearning projects using both authoring tools and handcoding we will always encourage our clients to consider if the reason to use an authoring tool is a compelling one.

We can provide a much more flexible, optimised and responsive solution if given the opportunity to build content outside of authoring tools.

Learning Portals (WordPress and Moodle)

We assist several of our clients in developing and installing learning portals using WordPress and Moodle.

We are experienced WordPress developers and can develop custom themes and plugins to support your needs and can quickly identify existing plugins that might assist in providing the most cost-effective solution for your learning portal.

We have prior experience with integrating SCORM Cloud (SCORM and Experience API), WaxLRS (Experience API) and WP-Courseware (LMS Plugin) with WordPress installations.

Troubleshooting and Debugging

Our understanding of the technologies that support eLearning enables us to identify the cause of issues quickly.

Through our understanding of eLearning content and LMS technology we have helped many clients quickly resolve long standing content and LMS issues and resolve disputes between LMS and content vendors.

Do you think you can challenge us with a problem? We’d love to hear about it.

We identify the issue within a couple of hours for the majority of content and LMS issues we are tasked with resolving.

Our Partners

Animated Biomedical Productions

Through our partnership with ABP (Animated Biomedical Productions) we offer premium 3D animation services. ABP have a large library of biomedical animations and models that can be integrated into your interactive project.

Be sure to check out the YouTube channel to see some more examples of their work.

Our Clients